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É na minha opinião o melhor livro de jogo do pau de sempre, e uma analise profunda da tática da nossa arte, aplicável de uma forma generalizável a várias armas e contextos.
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About the book:

The goal of this book is to simplify the training of all fencing (weapon) arts, tackling both the subject of contents (What to teach) and pedagogy (How to teach).

This is sought by sharing concepts, games & drills that easily teach how to choose one’s counter according to:

1. Number of opponents

2. Traits of weapons:
a) Bladed /blunt
b) With and without hand guard
c) Single or double handed

3. Having greater, lesser or the same reach

4. Type of parry performed

5. Quality of footwork

About the Author –A brief presentation of Coach Luis Preto:

  1. Instructor of stick combat (Jogo do Pau), Karate & Wrestling
  2. Undergrad in physical education
  3. Two masters in sport sciences
    a) Sport teaching strategies (ULHT/Lisbon)
    b) Coaching (UBC/Vancouver)
  4. Certified by the International Sport Sciences Association as a:
    a) Fitness trainer
    b) Youth training specialist
    c) Endurance training specialist



-O filme mostra jogadores a confrontarem-se a varapau. Estão presentes várias formas, combate um contra um, um contra dois, um contra três, e finalmente, um contra um grupo.

-The film shows a contest played with stout poles. Various forms are presented: single combat (between two opponents), one against two, one against three, and finally one against a group of adversaries.

Es werden verschiedene Variationen einer Kampfspielart mit Stöcken dargestellt: Zweikampf (Paarkampf), einer gegen zwei, einer gegen drei und schließlich ein Spieler gegen eine Gruppe von Gegenspielern.